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The faculty is the direct involvement in every aspect of the LPC College: academics, governance and research. The rich diversity of their backgrounds installs in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence. The college has a highly qualified faculty and staff members. LPC faculty members are enthusiastic and receptive to new ideas of teaching. Faculty interacts with industry through management development programs, industry focused research and case studies. The College creates a unique environment whereby faculty can take the fullest advantage in enhancing their careers through numerous opportunities.

On the student side it was realized that the formal system of education is nowhere near the industry expectations. There is a huge gap between the industry requirements and the theoretical knowledge departed in colleges. For example the students are taught technical diplomas only in paper and pen format but today all the businesses are checking students practical knowlege and know-how. Also whenever the student approaches the industry for a job he is asked for a professional qualification of industry and practical experience.

LPC felt that there is a need to train students practically to suit the industrial requirements. At LPC students are trained by professionals and qualified staff and faculty members who have an in-depth and practical knowledge.


ludhiana polytechnic college staff and faculty members


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