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Say No to Ragging


1. Cultivates hatred
2. Crushes self-esteem nourishes negative attitude.
3. Leads to mental & physical trauma.
4. Is of course a road to jail

Say No to Ragging
As per the directions of the Honourable Supreme Court of India, ragging is a criminal offence. FIR will be registered against any student who is found to be indulging in ragging activity. The applicant will have to submit affidavits one from the parent’s side and one from the student’s side. The student, opting to stay in the hostel, will have to submit separate affidavits. As per the directions of the Honourable Supreme Court of India, Ludhiana polytechnic College VPO Kube has constituted Anti Ragging Committee & Anti Ragging squad as under:

Anti Ragging Committee
1. Er. H.S. Randhawa Principal, ( Convener)
2. S.D.M Samrala (Member)
3. S.H.O. Samarala (Member)
4. Mr. Harminder Singh Lect. (Member)
5. Mr. Balwinder Singh Lect. (Member)
6. Ms. Sapna Gaba ( Member)
7. Ms. Jaspreet Kaur Lect. (Member)
8. Mr. Manjit Singh Lect. (Member)
9. Mr. Naresh Aggarwal (Advocate)

Samrala Mobile: 98150-02458

Anti Ragging Squad
1. Mr. Navneet Singh Thakur Lect. (Convener)
2. Mr. Varundeep Sood Lect. (Member)
3. Ms. Shalini Dhawan Lect. (Member)
4. Mr. Ramandeep Singh Lect. ( Member)
5. Mr. Hardeep Singh D.P.E (Member)
6. Ms. Sonia Mohan Singh Lect. (Member)

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