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LPC Training & Placement Cell aims at developing the overall personality and competency of the students. To meet the emerging needs of various leading companies, it organises training programmes for students to ensure excellent performance in the highly competitive recruitment processes and also visits to MNCs for campus placements. Priority is given to Soft Skills, English Language Skills and Aptitude training. Weaker students are given utmost care and special training programmes are exclusively organised for them. Besides arranging training programmes, the Training & Placement Cell also undertake the following activities.

-Organising campus recruitments.
-Arranging Internship with leading companies.
-Arranging In-Plant training with leading companies.
-Organising Industry Specific Training Programs
-Organising training in foreign languages.
-Establishing and maintaining effective corporate relations.
-Making available counseling and career development services to students.

Campus Recruitments

Our Continuous improvement in the quality of training programmes and adoption of innovative practices have resulted in noticeable improvement in the overall placements of successive batches of students. Besides excellence in value-based education, the specific emphasis given to the training activities has enabled LPC to build an excellent brand image in a very short span of time and the quality of students of Ludhiana Polytechnic College is being widely acclaimed by various leading companies.

Ludhiana Polytechnic College Katani Kalan Ludhaina Punjab India

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