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Why LPC ?


Why to choose Ludhiana Polytechnic College

The College believes in Transforming the Education, to create Well Qualified Professionals who can be employed effectively from day one, once they have completed their studies. This is achieved by inculcating in the students all those traits and skills that are required at the workplace, to make a complete professional.

LPC provides a Professional Learning Environment that acts as a catalyst for the exponential growth of students’ academic skills as well as extracurricular abilities.

Teaching Excellence; Analytical Teaching, Latest Pedagogy, Internationally benchmarked and industry Oriented Curriculum, Provision of open and Social Science electives.

interdisciplinary approach with learning across faculties and disciplines in which the students can learn beyond the boundaries of their programme specifications and disciplines.

Continuous assessment based on student’s performance and participation in the class on daily basis throughout the term, through assignments, projects, term papers, home works followed by tests, design problems or case studies, is an integral part of the evaluation of a student’s performance and the examination system is completely transparent, with a provision for scrutiny of answer books by the students.

LPC envisions the achievement of organizational goals not only by conferring education par excellence, but also elevating the level of thinking and attitude of its students by inculcating in them the values of inventiveness, entrepreneurship and service to society.

To promote entrepreneurship amongst the students, the college has come up with live projects in form of entrepreneurship projects, business analysis, making new business plans, conducting surveys etc. form a part of the course curriculum.

Training and development of faculty to help them upgrade not only their academic skills but also the inter-personal and knowledge sharing skills, so that class room instruction can become a more interactive, participative and democratic phenomenon.

Activities of extra-curricular nature are also organized extensively for all round development of students’s personality.

Vibrant sports facilities and other leadership based personality development programmes.

Campus with high discipline with no ragging.

Process has been defined to involve students in decision making and they have been made a party to the progress and development of the college by means of constructive inputs – both routine and strategic.

Provision has been make for immediate redress of student complaints through the online Relationship Management System. Identity of the complaint is kept confidential.

Ludhiana Polytechnic College Katani Kalan Ludhaina Punjab India

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