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Ludhiana Private ITI is established by Global Educational Society (Regd.).It is a privately managed self financed ITI.

If you are a student who is either planning to pursue or is already pursuing ITI courses, you must have encountered one very nagging but important question, i.e., ‘What are the career prospects after ITI?’ Today, skills of a professional matter as much as their academic degree. To top that, various government programmes such as Skill India are also pushing to empower the youth of the country with skill sets which make them more employable and more productive in their work environment. Therefore, students who have undergone training at the Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) across India, have excellent career opportunities ahead of them.

Traditionally, ITI courses have been very popular among the students, especially from rural areas, as they provide courses that focus on skill development. Students who walk out of ITIs are skilled professionals, either in the Engineering or Non-Engineering trades.

However, in the last decade or so, the popularity of the ITI courses has dipped drastically due to various factors. This has compelled many students to start thinking about the viability of taking up an ITI course. Today, students often face questions such as ‘Have ITI training programs lost their old sheen? Are such training programs useful at present?’ Come, let us find answers to these questions.

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