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Ludhiana Institute of Nursing established by Global Educational Society (Regd.) aims at imparting quality education and enabling the students to acquire quality of “caring with compassion”. It has been approved by Indian Nursing Council – New Delhi, Govt. of Punjab and affiliated to PNRC, Chandigarh. Since its inception in 2012, Ludhiana Institute of Nursing has remained steadfast to the one central commitment to provide a balanced comprehensive nursing education and clinical skills”. 

The Institute offers an excellent learning enviornment where the students learn and flourish with the best educational opportunities. Its has been provided by Indian Nursing Council – New Delhi, Govt. of Punjab and affiliated to PNRC, Chandigarh. The Institute has many new learning areas like Communication Skills, Management, Medico Legal issues, basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life support to the curriculum. Efforts have been made in order to provide various facilities to develop an all round healthy individual who will carry the HEALTH of the needy on his/her shoulders ahead.

Message from Chairman

Dear Aspirants

I welcome you on joining as students of noble profession at Ludhiana Institute of Nursing (LIN) and take this opportunity with a sense of commitment that the College shall not be found lacking towards professional pursuits for you. Though today’s world is full of relentless professional competition in every walk of life but there is always a place at the top and it often goes to those who work with dedication and perseverance.

I have a firm belief that the young boys and girls from North India are focused achievers and have tremendous potentials. Our aim at LIN is to equip you with knowledge and skills so that the potentials in you are channelized through the suitable academic atmosphere and best of infrastructure in terms of laboratories, well stocked library, internet facility and so on.

The value system in our country in changing rapidly and the old social order is under pressure. The profession of Nursing is based on human values of caring, concern, and compassion and kind heartedness. I am sure with these personality traits and positive attitude you are destined to scale the heights of professional excellence. Remember, men and women are not judged by their looks and possessions but by their noble acts and concern for others. The values you uphold could be the reflection of the LIN and fruit of our toil.

I extend my sincere good wishes to all of you.

Naresh Gupta

Message from Director

Dear Aspirants

The Nursing Profession is the Noblest of all professions and in immense demand globally, offering a highly rewarding career. Established in the year of 2012, “Ludhiana Institute of Nursing” aims to train dedicated and expert nurses, capable of contributing towards the development of emerging health care systems in public and private health care organizations, as well as community services.

Our GMN/ANM courses provide students the opportunity to extend themselves intellectually and clinically, thereby rendering quality care to the general public through our hospital and community services.

Our significantly well maintained infrastructure institution imparts high quality professional education to young and aspiring candidates who have dedicated themselves to be efficient nurses and also meet the acute shortage of qualified and skilled nursing manpower, our country is currently facing. Special impetus is given in Ludhiana Institute of Nursing to train students capable of giving comprehensive nursing care, such as promoting preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the needy.

I welcome all the new students and wish them success through their academic journey out of our college as successful nursing professional.

Dr. Rahul Gupta

Message from Principal

Dear Aspirants

I wish to convey my heartfelt greetings to all the students for choosing nursing profession as it is the most truly considered, as a highly honorable profession involving compassionate and dedicated care.

The concept of health care has been a principle concept of human race from the time immemorial and will run through years of infinity. Florence Nightingale, affectionately known as the saintly, iron-willed “ lady with lamp” is a legend, her benignant presence was an influence for comport even amidst the struggle of expiring nature. Her greatest achievement was to raise nursing to the level of a respectable and highly regarded profession.

Patient care is the main focus of this modern world and nurses play a vital role in health care system. Therefore competent nurses are in demand all over the world. Nursing is a service oriented profession it is growing with current trends and technology.

Ludhiana Institute of Nursing is having an excellent atmosphere for the enhancement of student’s professional profile with sufficient scope for personality development, as well as 100% achievement in academic results. It conducts various educational activities like seminars, workshops, conferences and educative gatherings in order to prepare globally competitive nurses to serve the human society.

It imparts knowledge to the students by providing teaching by our highly qualified & experienced teachers and comporting in a highly advanced nursing education technology. Also focus is to ensure friendly but disciplined, learning and meaningful student-teacher relationship to enhance the interest in learning.

I welcome all the interested and aspiring students to attain the standards in nursing to steer the country in future.

Mrs. Parminder Kaur

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